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Your Finnish partners in Southeast Asia in communications and market research

Valuehammerers is a company providing communication, information and research services about Southeast Asian markets and societies. Our domicile is Finland, but we’re based in Indonesia, and our business area is the whole of Southeast Asia, especially the emerging markets there. As an on-site service provider, we’re able to serve you quickly, reliably and cost-effectively both in Finnish and English languages.

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If it is water, it can be made drinkable

We are excited to kick off cooperation with a Finnish water technology company Solar Water Solutions and start solving the drinking water problems in Bali-Indonesia.

Solar Water Solutions has developed a solar-powered desalination and purification system that cleans any water - salinated or contaminated - as potable water.

We want to be part of bringing the sustainable and affordable drinking water available for people in emerging countries, and reduce the use of disposable and expensive plastic bottled water.

Let’s have a toast, let’s have a glass of water.

Vesinainen: Tarina suomalaisinnovaation matkasta Indonesiaan, osa 2

Posted 22/1/2019

Pohjavesi on ehtyvä luonnonvara. Jakarta uppoaa pohjaveden laskun ja merenpinnan nousun yhteisvaikutuksesta. Lue Pron Vesinainen-blogi tästä.

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Menestyksekästä mediavuotta 2019!

Posted 29/12/2018

Haluamme kiittää asiakkaitamme ja kumppaneitamme hyvästä yhteistyöstä. Tässä kooste tämän vuoden juttuyhteistyöstä: Stoorisopin tuotantoa 

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