What can we do for you?

We assist companies and organizations who plan to expand their businesses and activities to Southeast Asia in market research and content production.

We've been exploring Southeast Asia from 2013; interviewing hundreds of interesting people, investigating and observing businesses and labor markets, writing fascinating stories about Southeast Asia, and moreover developing businesses for sustainable clean-tech solutions in Indonesia... With our experience, know-how, and contacts, we think we can help you. 

Our asset is that we’re located in Southeast Asia and we’ve got quick and cost-effective access to the sources around the region. We work confidentially, reliably and in time in Finnish and English languages.

Reliable in­for­ma­tion, unique content

Words for many come easy. It's the choice of what to write that is the difficult part. But that's our job; to design and produce content (text, pics, and videos) as desired, and more. We understand Southeast Asia. We're passionate to promote businesses and activities by creating interesting and inspiring contents for our customers.

  • Content marketing: reference stories, white papers, blogging, e-newsletters
  • Journalistic content: articles, reportages, news

"Your eyes and ears in Southeast Asia"

Market research and sus­tai­na­bi­li­ty con­sul­ting

Our job is to collect information and analyze it. We map and observe markets and industries and report about it. We provide you topical, reliable and valid information that helps you to evaluate the opportunities and risks. Then your job is to make the conclusions and decisions. We can analyze country by country or make a comparison between selected countries.

  • Business environment analysis: political, economic, regulatory, tax, social, cultural, physical, technological and ecological factors
  • Risk analysis: human rights, labor standards, environment, corruption, community impacts
  • Industry analysis: state of development, actors, and competitors, prospects, and trends
  • Stakeholder and Partner mapping
  • Sustainability consulting: Sustainable business development, sustainable supply chains, sustainable sales channels

Stoo­ri­sop­pi image bank

Originally ©Stoorisoppi (trademark registered to Valuehammerers)  was our online shop for ready-made articles and photos that closed its doors in 2017. Since Stoorisoppi has provided photos and videos for our customers.  


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