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Our story from Finland to Southeast Asia

"In 2004 we stepped on the soil of Southeast Asia in Thailand first time. It was love at first sight. It took almost ten years to make our dream come true, but we made it. Now we'd like to assist you to make your targets to come true."

After some twenty years career as salaried employees in 2012, it was time to start our own business. We created Stoorisoppi Online Shop and began to provide ready-made, international industrial and labour market news for Finnish media.

In 2013 we established a base in Denpasar, Indonesia and specialised on the tailored content production about Southeast Asian business, economy and labour markets.

In 2016 we published our first research report and launched our market research services.

Our domicile is in Finland, but our asset is that we’re located in Southeast Asia, and we’ve got quick and cost-effective access to the sources across the region.

Our company

Valuehammerers Ltd - Arvotakojat Oy was established in 2008. It is a Finnish limited liability company, whose shareholders are Tanja Harjuniemi and Markku Nummela.

  • Chairman of the Board: Markku Nummela
  • Managing director: Tanja Harjuniemi
  • Address: Valuehammerers Ltd., P.O. Box 751, 00101 Helsinki
  • Business ID: 2222706-2
  • Main business activities are training, consulting and research
  • Stoorisoppi is registered trademark of Valuehammerers